USA Deaflympic Ice Hockey

The Winter Deaflympics take place in different locations throughout the world every 4 years.  The games include several deciplines including ice hockey.  Open tryouts are held the summer prior to the scheduled games. Many of the participants in AHIHA’s program strive to be a member of this team.  It’s a great opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing hockey players to represent their country during an international sporting event.


XVIIIIĀ Valtellina – Valchiavenna, Italy; Gold Medal


XVIII Winter Deaflympics, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia; Bronze Medal


XVII Winter Deaflympics, Slovakia – These games were cancelled.


XVI Winter Deaflympics, Salt Lake City, Utah; Gold Medal


XV Winter Deaflympics, Sudsvall, Sweden; Bronze Medal


XIV Winter Deaflympics, Davos, Switzerland; Silver Medal


XIII Winter Deaflympics, Rovaniemi, Finland; Gold Medal


XII Winter Deaflympics, Banff, Canada; Silver Medal

All participants must be members of USA hockey and of the USADSF.

Funding for athletes is provided by the American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association through private donations and support from the USA Hockey Foundation. Players are also required to fundraise a portion of their expenses.  Donations to help cover player expenses can be sent to the address listed below.

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